Asian Hustle Network Mastermind Retreat

Unlock the power within you at our all-inclusive 4-day, 3-night immersive retreat designed specifically for Asian American Pacific Islander entrepreneurs and business leaders. Nestled in the heart of tranquility at Lotus Rising Retreats in Oahu, this retreat will be a transformative experience where innovation meets introspection, and dreams come to life. Hosted by Asian Hustle Network Founder Bryan Pham + Zen Coast University Founders Jennie Lok & Calvin Chin!



August 22, 2024 to August 25, 2024

What you can expect at this retreat

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Connect with diverse professionals for innovation and collaboration.

Healing Environment: Recharge in nature, engage in holistic activities.

Financial Empowerment: Gain wealth-building insights for your economic journey.

Mindful Business: Manage stress, foster resilience for success.

Dream Nurturing: Set bold goals, create a roadmap for achievement.

Gala Celebration: Celebrate achievements and connections in style.

Sample Agenda

Our program offers a beautiful space for leveling up guided by other leaders in their industry. Nestled in the tranquil setting of Zen Farms, this retreat is an intimate opportunity for transformation, innovation, and fostering deeper connections with other entrepreneurs, supported by a comprehensive itinerary designed for profound personal growth, business, and spiritual growth

  • Arrival & welcoming ceremony
  • Building the Life of Your Dreams and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs (with Jennie Lok + Bryan Pham)
  • Hawaiian Dinner & Networking Bonfire Session
  • Sunrise Affirmation Workouts, Breakfast, Story of Lotus Rising Retreats: Active Income to Passive Income to Passion Income (with Michelle Ngo Wong), Powerful Visualization Workshop
  • Lunch, unLOK Potential and Retiring Family & Path from 0-$10M+ before 30 Years Old (with Jennie Lok + Calvin Chin), Investing Across Borders – Building an International Brand (with Bryan Pham), Holotropic Inner Child Healing
  • Dinner, Sales & Negotiations – NLP Strategy Session (with Calvin Chin)
  • Light Breakfast, Catamaran Tour – Networking on the High Seas
  • Lunch, Raising Capital + Capital Stacking (with Bryan Pham + Brenda Chen), Sound Bowl Healing, Building an Online Business Where you can Work Anywhere, Maintaining Mental Health While Building a Business (with Stephanie Wong)
  • Gala Dinner Celebration, AAPI Founders Fireside Chat
  • Breakfast, Being Your Highest Self: Goal Setting and Action Planning (with Brenda Chen), Closing Ceremony
  • Lunch, Tax Protections and Savings (with Tony Hoong)
  • Free time and networking

Embark on a journey where business meets innovation, and transformation becomes inevitable.

Hear about the organizations behind this retreat

Asian Hustle Network

Founded in 2019, Asian Hustle Network® is a powerful global network for Asian entrepreneurs and creatives. Within a year, AHN has grown its community to 250,000+ members and over 100 countries. AHN brings together the community of Asian entrepreneurs and professionals across various professions and industries to empower one another. Their mission is to build the first global ecosystem that supports new and established Asian entrepreneurs and creatives and to set the foundation for future generations to succeed. Their vision is to tear down the gates and obstacles faced to propel innovation, ideas, networking, storytelling, and investing in the bright minds of our community.

Meet the facilitators

Bryan Pham

Bryan Pham is the founder of Asian Hustle Network (AHN), AHNF, and AHN Ventures. He is passionate about bringing together communities of like-minded individuals through growing AHN to over 200,000+ members in three years. Bryan seeks to uplift, amplify, and connect Asian creatives and entrepreneurs around the world.

Zen Coast University

Zen Coast University’s mission is to empower people to create passive income so they can create passive impact in their communities! Zen signifies the peace of mind solutions we will help provide clients to easily learn how to build their passive income portfolio. Coast signifies being able to coast through their life and enjoy time with who they want, when they want, and where they want. University signifies the community here to help support them with their growth.

Meet the facilitators

Calvin Chin

Calvin Chin is a real estate investor and a real estate coach based in the SF Bay Area who is focused on helping people create passive income to create passive impact, so they can give that knowledge back to their community!. His mission in life is to create abundance in people, not be focused on being rich but on being wealthy in their time and energy. 

Jennie Lok

Jennie has helped 300+ families locally and out of state build their wealth in real estate and became a homeowner herself at the age of 23 years old, and has invested in over 35+ units across the country and also coaches and educates students across the country on building their passive income portfolio.