Awakening: Ancestral Plant Medicine Retreat

Enjoy a curated selection of ancestral medicine journeys designed to dissolve mental and emotional barriers, guiding you towards your highest self. Join us for Part 1 of our 4 part transformative healing series, with more enlightening experiences to follow. Stay tuned for details on upcoming dates.



October 10, 2024 | October 13, 2024

What you can expect at this retreat

Deep Self-Exploration: Journey inward to explore personal emotions, thoughts, and experiences.

Spiritual Connection: Forge connections with oneself, others, and the natural world.

Emotional Release: Experience catharsis and release of pent-up emotions and traumas.

Healing Insights: Gain profound insights into one’s life, purpose, and path forward.

Transformation: Undergo personal growth and transformation, paving the way for positive change.


Our Ancestral Plant Medicine Program offers an all-encompassing journey of self-discovery and healing, guided by expert facilitators Tony & Dayana. Nestled in the tranquil setting of Zen Farms, this retreat is an intimate opportunity to explore plant medicine, supported by a comprehensive itinerary designed for profound personal growth

  • Arrival & welcoming ceremony
  • Lunch, one-on-one consultations, workshops
  • Third-eye cleansing ceremony, yoga, meditation, group dinner
  • Taro planting
  • Nourishing lunch
  • Medicine ceremony, light dinner and post-ceremony integration
  • Morning integration & breakfast
  • Medicine ceremony, beachside integration circle
  • Closing dinner
  • Miracle morning, group integration session
  • Testimonials, closing circle
  • Optional stay, light lunch, farewells

Through ancestral medicine, we connect with the wisdom of nature, unlocking the potential for healing, growth, and profound self-discovery.

Hear about the organization behind this retreat

Heal The Heros

Heal The Heros is a collective of BIPOC individuals, they unite to organize sacred community gatherings aimed at bolstering and encouraging leaders of both social and personal transformation. These gatherings serve as a sanctuary for people from diverse backgrounds to engage with peers, exchange experiences and challenges, and gain insights from each other. Through their commitment to education and the integration of ancestral plant medicine, they have distinguished themselves in the mental health space, offering profound support in healing trauma and fostering transformation. Their belief in the power of communal unity as a catalyst for nurturing growth and effecting positive change globally underscores their accomplishments and dedication.

Meet the facilitators

Dayana Mendoza

Dayana, the visionary co-founder of Heal The Heros, embodies the essence of a multifaceted creator, masterfully weaving her roles as an energy alchemist, life coach, and ritual facilitator. Through unique service offerings of one-on-one and collective coaching, she leads individuals and groups on their journey to professional and personal evolution. Emphasizing constant self-discovery, she enables her clients to forge a reinvigorated relationship with their ultimate sovereign selves. Deeply intentional in her work, Dayana enlightens others to rediscover their life’s vision, to live an experience connecting with their deeper purpose, and drawing closer to realizing an awakened life infused with one’s heart-filled mission.

Tony Nguyen

Tony, co-founder of Heal the Heros, innovator and an esteemed Firefighter Personnel, offers more than a decade of dedicated services, seamlessly transitioning his ethos of protection and service into his role as a Ceremony Guide and Facilitator. His foundational values of compassion, professionalism, diligence, integrity, and selflessness are not only pivotal in his work as a first responder but also deeply embedded in his ceremonial practices. With a steadfast commitment to ethical conduct, Tony applies these guiding principles universally, ensuring that his approach in emergent situations is consistent, reliable, and profoundly impactful.

Daniel Verdad

Meet Daniel Verdad, a remarkable individual who blesses our community by serving our brothers and sisters. Raised in a quaint village in central Mexico, Danny grew up surrounded by the normalcy of healings and miracles. He carries a profound lineage of remedies that nurture the mind, body, and spirit. Having previously worked as a primary school teacher and public speaker, Danny brings a profound understanding of philosophy and world religions, rooted in the wisdom of the Toltec tradition. His words possess a captivating quality, akin to listening to Buddha himself, as he speaks about the shared essence of humankind.


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Investing in yourself is priceless and we can guarantee that your time spent at this retreat will up-level elements of your life.


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Investing in yourself is priceless and we can guarantee that your time spent at this retreat will transform elements of your life. Please reach out if you have any questions about the retreat or would like to speak to a facilitator.